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29/11 2019

Ten thousand milligrams vitamin C

26/11 2019

De biografie in psychoanalyse

Elisabeth Lockhorn over Andreas Burnier

22/11 2019


an evening with Cammisa Buerhaus, Geo Wyeth,
and Ivan Cheng

15/11 2019

The Worlds and Works of
Janelle Monáe

1/11 2019

Open Microfoon

Perdu's tweede open mic!

20/10 2019


A Sunday afternoon in Black Achievement Month

12/10 2019

An Intimate Approach

Perdu tijdens Read My World

8/10 2019

De tijdgeest duiden

De Biografie in psychoanalyse

27/9 2019

The Currents

A conversation on community, criticism and recognition

28/6 2019

Ageing Versus Immortality


27/6 2019

Eindpresentatie schrijfworkshop

21/6 2019

'Cause the written word is mineral

Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee return to Perdu!

19/6 2019

[FULLY BOOKED] Radical Read-In with Eileen Myles + Screening 'The Trip'

11/6 2019

[SOLD OUT] Something unearthly about today

An evening with Eileen Myles

7/6 2019

Belonging in the Mess II

Repercussions of a Malfunctioning System

31/5 2019

Mona Kareem & Momtaza Mehri

On Lineage and Lingua

30/5 2019

Perdu X Marché de La Poésie

24/5 2019

World is Constantly Touching

Op zoek naar de kritische mogelijkheden van intuïtief werk

22/5 2019

Rosily I Will Squander Myself

An evening with Lisa Robertson and Mia You

17/5 2019

Thinking through (to) the end of the world

Life before, during and after the apocalypse

10/5 2019

A Flower Garden of All Kinds of Loveliness Without Sorrow

A programme guest-curated by artist Christian Nyampeta

3/5 2019

Found in Translation

A programme guest-curated by Urok Shirhan

19/4 2019

Vers van het Mes XXXIX

Perdu, deBuren en de Nwe Tijd slaan wederom de handen ineen voor een nieuwe editie!

12/4 2019

Open microfoon

Perdu's allereerste open mic!

6/4 2019

Beyond the Sentence – Stein as Open Text

A co-production of Gertrude Stein European Network, Perdu and Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON)'s Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Group (Utrecht University)

5/4 2019

Longing for, in the mud

Looking for liminality in abjection

29/3 2019

Onze * Tori

Perdu i.s.m. The Black Archives: Woordkunst over verborgen verhalen

22/3 2019

Onder dieren

Hoe verhouden we ons tot dieren? Of beter gezegd: tot andere dieren?

15/3 2019

Poem as storm, not as refuge

Poëzie als interventie

8/3 2019

Historical Debris

Collecting the leftovers of history

1/3 2019

Am I lovely? Of course!

Welcoming three Russian poets + presentation Tijd van de aarde, Perdu's translation of Galina Rymbu's poetry

22/2 2019

Perdu Leest Langzaam #7

We lezen de nieuwe bundel van Anneke Brassinga: Verborgen tuinen

15/2 2019

Perdu Invites: Twee Roemeense dichters

Met Doina Ioanid, Claudiu Komartin en hun vertaler Jan H. Mysjkin

8/2 2019

The Worlds and Works of Octavia E. Butler

The third evening dedicated to science fiction!

31/1 2019

30+30 Dichters­marathon 2019