Perdu is a literary foundation specialized in poetry and the crossovers between literature and other art forms. Perdu is particulary interested in (theoretical) reflection on, and innovative developments within the field of literature. Those aspects of literature that remain under exposed within the mainstream literary scene receive special attention.


Perdu organizes literary events called De Avonden [The Evenings] and workshops in creative writing. It furthermore owns a specialized poetry bookstore and a small publishing house. About fourty volunteers, a technician and office manager are responsible for Perdu's daily affairs. They are assisted by a director and supervised by a board. Perdu offers its theater for rent.

Steve Scheirsen, director

Ruben Ing, office manager and space rental

Shira Wolfe, pr & communications

Rob Sander, Inclusion and Accessibility employee

Bram Giebels and Sybren Danz

Avonden, programming editors
Ranwa Alamsi, Asha Karami, Alec Mateo, Maxime Garcia Diaz, Jimena Casas, Ollie Paterson and Anne Bosveld.

Bookstore, buying and selling
Pyet van Brink, Ineke Overtoom (coördinator), Peter Prins, Nickie Theunissen, Mark Putman Cramer (coördinator), Hanneke de Boer, Jochem van den Dijssel and Sveva de Valk.

Book table Laurette Baten

Publishing house
Phil Baber and Cato van Schaik

Graphic design
Mateo Broillet

Jeroen van Rooij
Hannah van Binsbergen

Jan Onderwater

Petra Adema, Joris Arends, John Bouzan, Leo Hengst, Tancredi Isaia, Justus Kops, Farid Anas Mutala, Maggy Robberegt, Iris de Smit, Tini Aronson, Rose Underwood and Trui de Leeuw.

Petra Adema, Nina Cohen, Jochem van den Dijssel, Luc Van Peteghem, Maggy Robberegt, Sveva de Valk, Leo Hengst, Tini Aronson, Rose Underwood and Trui de Leeuw.

Lucas Romviel

Nisrine Mbarki (chairman)
Naeeda Aurangzeb (board member)
Ramy El-Dardiry (treasurer)

Recommendation Committee:
Louis Andriessen (composer)
Arie Boomsma (presentator, writer)
Geert Buelens (poet, professor in Dutch Literature)
Charlotte Dumas (artist)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger (poet, novelist)
Piet Gerbrandy (poet, critic, classicist)
David Grossman (writer)
Michiel van Kempen (writer, professor Caribean Literature)
Chris Keulemans (founder Perdu, writer, former artistic director De Tolhuistuin)
Erik Lindner (poet, novelist, critic)
Charlotte Mutsaers (writer, artist)
Ulli d'Oliveira, (jurist, literary scholar, founder literary magazine Merlijn)
Tonnus Oosterhoff (writer)
Rob Schouten (writer, critic)
Mustafa Stitou (poet)
Willem van Toorn (poet)
Ilonka Verdurmen (artistic director School der Poëzie)